Heritage Xperiential Learning School Introduces HXLS Makerspace in Curriculum

Heritage Xperiential Learning School, Gurgaon is bringing innovation into classrooms through the HXLS Makerspace. It is a workspace where students, teachers and parents can tinker with tools and technology to explore, learn and create prototype solutions to solve problems, related to their passion. With an area of over 2000 sq. ft, the space hosts an array of emerging technology such as 3D printers, laser cutters and augmented reality equipment.


Students experiencing their hands on the technology


The school’s existing expedition or project based curriculum will now have components of engineering, product building and design thinking through the HXLS Makerspace. It will introduce learners to tools and technologies pertinent to the 21st century and transform them into creators rather than mere consumers. Students will be introduced to the art of creative coding and digital fabrication. In creative coding, students will be empowered to create programmable solutions with computers by engaging in real world problems and working on design challenges in which they learn to innovate using emerging tools and techniques. Digital fabrication will be introduced with the help of 3D printing, enabling students to learn through physical representation and exploration with multiple design challenges.


Heritage Xperiential Learning School, Gurgaon


Sharing insights on Makerspace, Mr. Manit Jain, Co-Founder of The Heritage Group of Schools said, “The addition of the HXLS Makerspace is an important extension of our experiential learning curriculum. As a school, our constant endeavour is to prepare our students for the 4th industrial revolution. HXLS Makerspace will be an important step towards building our students’ problem solving and critical thinking skills, that are necessary for them to thrive in the 21st century.


Working on Makerspace projects will equip students with abilities such as decision-making and accountability, foster sensitivity and creativity through design thinking, tinkering, breaking and creating. It will help them master ambiguity through problem solving and adapting to change and help them embrace failure by advocating the idea of “learning by doing”.


About Heritage Xperiential Learning School

Heritage Xperiential Learning School, Gurgaon with its commitment to an innovative project-based pedagogy and integrated curriculum, has established a formidable reputation for itself as a progressive, innovative school in just over a decade that it has been operational. It stands apart as perhaps the only example of a progressive school that offers alternate education in the mainstream, disproving the perception that experiential education can only take place on a small scale. Heritage Xperiential Learning School has regularly found representation in the top 5 schools of the country as much for its academic reputation and infrastructure, as for its focus on students with special needs or those from economically weaker sections. Other areas where the school has been cited for excellence include: co-curricular activity, leadership and management, sports education, life skills education and conflict resolution as well as parent involvement.

Source: NV1


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