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High on E-Governance, Yet, No Cyber Crime Cell in Goa

While the Goa government is working on pioneering initiatives to take its administration forward through e-governance in its various ministries and departments, it is surprising to note that the Goa Police Department so far has not got its own Cyber Crime Cell yet. investigations have revealed that since 2010 till January 2013, the Goa Police had registered 78 cases under Cyber Crime offences, as revealed in a government document in our possession. But interestingly in another government document from 2010 to March 25th 2013, the cyber-crime cases shows 47 cases. Interestingly, the first document was a reply given to a question raised during the Assembly session in January 2013 wherein it says 78 cases. The second document is also a reply to a question that is to be raised next week at the Assembly session. So while there is no clear indicate of the actual cyber-crime cases since 2010, as government own documents contradict each other and there is no cyber-crime cell; the investigations are being conducted by the officers in the police station where the cyber crime has been registered or occurred.

Cyber-crime tracking agencies indicate that there has been a considerable rise in such crimes in India (Goa being no exception). Cyber crimes involving hacking computer systems, email accounts, duplicating credit cards or mirroring online banking accounts have increased. Another avenue that has seen a considerable rise has been pornographic sites on Goa, that has so far not seen any action from the Goa government ( had earlier raised the issue of online porn sites on Goa with the then and now government). MMS, SMS cases and fake Facebook and Twitter identities and posts related crimes have also seen a northward growth.
Emails and SMS of distress or promoting fast cash or jobs have also been on the rise in the state, with the Goa Police recently issuing a public advertising cautioning people to not fall prey to such false schemes.

Now with Goa government moving on fifth-gear on E-Governance, the issue of cyber crime detention and related action for the crime becomes imperative; but with no cyber crime cell on board, detecting specialized cyber crimes might not be an easy task though the Goa police has knowledge of about how to detect and take action on such crimes, expressed a concerned senior police officer.

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