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High Powered Trawlers Killing Goan Fisheries


The Mandovi Fishermen Marketing Co-operative Society has expressed concern over high powered trawlers from neighbouring states fishing in Goan waters and depleting the marine resources and regretted that the Fisheries Department of Goa is not taking any action on this issue.
Chairman of the society Menino Afonso said that the Fisheries Department was informed about this development, but till date the authorities have not initiated any action.

He said that trawlers from Malpem, Mangalore and even Kerala fitted with 280 to 350 BHP motors fish in Goan waters and net a huge catch and the Goan vessels with 100 BHP motors are no match for them.
He said these high powered boats, on an average net around four tones of kingfish and six tones of mackerels everyday, which he said would not only drastically reduce the marine wealth of the region but also kill the industry as the catch is landed in their States and not on Goan shores.
Presently around 350 trawlers operate from the Malim jetty and around 4,000 people are surviving on them.


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