High Quality International Jazz returns to Goa with Jazz India Circuit

Panaji, Nov 27 (GCEntertainment) High quality international jazz comes to Goa once again, as the next edition of the Jazz India Circuit Goa, gets underway on November 30 and December 1, 2019.

Speaking to UNI, Avik Roy, Director, Teamwork Arts, organisers of the festival said, “We also have a very strong local component in the festival. Karan Khosla and the students of his Goa Jazz Academy will be performing on Sunday, December 1.”

According to Roy, the aim of the festival was to push the boundaries of what typically constitutes the sound of the genre.

“The Jazz India Circuit 2019 brings international and local artistes from across the jazz spectrum for a celebration of the genre like no other,” he said.

Conceptualized and created by pioneering performing arts and entertainment company Teamwork Arts, Jazz India Circuit would offer a host of other exciting experiences to create an unbelievable carnival-like atmosphere, while our multiple musical acts takes center stage.

The festival wold offer much more with music workshops, interactive experiential spaces, a bustling flea market, a vibrant food court with flavours from all over the globe and a feast of art and craft activities.

At Jazz India Circuit, Goa wold witness some of the most enigmatic performances by, Canadian band The Shuffle Demons; acclaimed musical trio, Macha Gharibian Trio; One of the most important musicians of his generation, Simon Thacker; an amazing ensemble of different artists, Karan Khosla & Co; international legends, The Turbans; Lithuanian jazz units, Dainius Pulaskas Group; Norway-based collaborative musical group, Monoswezi; Swiss post-jazz quartet The Great Harry Hillman.

Via UNI-India

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