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Hindu lives don’t matter

After being brutally stabbed by his Muslim neighbours, Rinku Sharma lost his life at noon on 11th February, Thursday.

Kamlesh Tiwari, Dilbar Negi, Ankit Saxena, Ankit Sharma, Nikita Tomar, Palghar Sadhus, Babu Pujari, Rachit Jat, Rahul Rajput and now, Rinku Sharma along with innumerable others. Have you ever heard these names? Do you know their stories? Have you read about them?  NO? And if yes, you definitely do not remember them, or they were lying buried inside your feeble subconscious memory. After all, HINDU LIVES DON’T MATTER.


Especially lately, we have been hearing about horrific murders of people belonging to the Hindu community. They are stabbed, hacked into pieces, and beheaded in the name of religion. Their only fault being that they are Hindus. They are killed if they don’t saffron robes, attacked if they organize religious rallies, stones are pelted at them if they ask for donations for the Ram Temple to be made in Ayodhya. A similar case has rattled the people of Delhi and the whole of India. Rinku Sharma, a 25-year-old lab technician who lived in the Mangolpuri area of West Delhi was attacked by a mob of around 15- 25 people who were his own neighbours. He was stabbed with a knife on Wednesday and succumbed to his injuries at 12.00 noon on Thursday.


Ajay Sharma, Rinku’s father narrated the ordeal on Thursday. While speaking to Sudarshan News, Mr. Sharma told the reporter that Rinku was a Bajrang Dal activist and was an active member of their Ram Mandir donation drive.


Rinku’s father described the horrific circumstances in which his son was stabbed in cold blood and stated when Manu (younger son) went to open the door after the frenzied mob reached their home, about 15- 25 people tried to barge in. They were carrying batons and knives and hit the door with lathis. The mob started hurling vile abuses at the Sharma family and assaulted Rinku’s younger brother too. Besides this, they tried to leak the gas cylinder as well. Meanwhile, Rinku tried to get out of the house to save his life.


After which a woman went to Ajay and told him that Rinku had been stabbed. Sharma divulged the fact that Rinku was continuously being targeted and threatened for being a part of the Bajrang Dal. He stated that his son was earlier targeted for organizing an event after the Ram Mandir Bhoomi Pujan and the culprits had then abused PM Modi and had labelled Rinku as a BJP member. Traumatized, Ajay lamented, “They were armed with sticks and knives. They killed my son. He is gone forever.”


Earlier, he was harassed for organizing an event dedicated to Lord Rama and this time, he was brutally murdered for being a part of a rally which was collecting funds for the Ram Mandir construction at Ayodhya. He was beaten and stabbed for raising slogans of ‘JAI SHRI RAM’ and he said so while breathing his last.


Rinku’s younger brother told Sudarshan news that the murderers are a group of five Muslim brothers and their family members and associates. Shockingly, even women were part of this mob.


The Delhi police have arrested four accused who have been identified as Muhammad Islam, Danish Nasruddin, Dilshad and Dilshan Islam. The police also found out that around one and half years ago, Rinku had twice donated blood to the wife of one of the accused when she was pregnant and in a critical condition. He had also helped the brother of the accused getting admitted in hospital after he was infected with the coronavirus.


Maya Devi who is an old neighbour of the Sharma family expressed her grief and cried as she recounted the horror. She claimed that Rinku was mercilessly killed in front of the neighbours’ eyes and they could not do anything to save him. Adding further she said that they (the neighbours) are now apprehensive for their own lives and are scared to live in the locality. She said, “Ram Ram toh sabhi karte hain. Aaj iss bachhe ko maara hai, Ram ke naam par maara hai, aisa hona nahi chahiye.”


Intriguingly, the police have stated that it was not a ‘communal killing’ and the mob and Rinku engaged in a tussle because of a business rivalry when, in reality, Rinku was a lab technician and the family does not own any kind of eatery business as is being said.


Toeing the line of the police, the left- liberal media started whitewashing the nature of the brutal murder and ran headlines which suited their ‘secular’ narrative. This is the same liberal cabal which does not believe the policemen after a rioter dies because of his tractor overturning.


While social media is witnessing hashtags like #JusticeForRinkuSharma and #HindusLivesMatter, the left- liberal cabal is busy asking justice for Munawwar Faruqui! Nobody took to the streets with placards in their hands; nobody was ‘ashamed’, nobody returned their awards only because the victim was a Hindu.


Moreover, some Tanzila Anis who is a Gaana employee tweeted, “Bajrang Dal Activist. That’s it. That’s the tweet.” What does this imply? Did she say that killing Rinku was acceptable because he was a Bajrang Dal member? If you scroll down her twitter timeline, you will find out that she is a habitual offender and a Hindu phobic. Many a times, she has abused Hindu deities, scriptures and has called for Hindu genocide. And yet again, twitter did not take any action in the name of Freedom of expression.


While the police say that there is no communal angle to the case when there surely is and continues to investigate, we can surely say that justice delivered to the victim after whitewashing the reality is no justice at all.


The incident has horrified the neighbours, the family of the victim is traumatized, and there is social media outrage but the bitter fact which remains the same is the people whose hearts bleed for Sharjeel Imam even after he is a rioter, will not even whimper after hearing about Rinku because HINDU LIVES DON’T MATTER.

Sonakshi Datta

Intern, Goa Chronicle
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