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Hippie Route Recreated

The route taken by hippies from Germany who made Anjuna their base way back in the 60 to bring flower power to Goa and put in on international tourists’ map, is being revisited by 50 year old Niels Melves who is travelling along with his wife and two children in a Voxwagen (VW) Bulli, a car-model that was the favourite of the hippies in those days.
Niels has arrived in Goa and plans to lead a symbolic motorcade from Panjim to Anjuna on 8th December as part of the Third German Cultural Week planned in Goa, revealed Aurobindo Xavier of the Indo-German Friendship Society, Goa.

Niels has travelled for nearly a month, passing through various countries to revisit the route taken by the hippies from Germany 50 years ago.
Xavier revealed some lesser known facts about the relationship between Germans and Goa that dates to the 16th century when the Fuggers family from Germany began trading in horses, silk and spices with Goa which was under the Portuguese rule then.
Besides, the first printing press in Asia that was installed in Goa at the Goa Medical College, was a German machine.
A lesser known fact is that some Germans settled in Goa and married into Goan families after their ships were sunk off Mormugao coast during the Second World War in 1944.
Presently, Germans are amongst the leading tourists visiting Goa and at any given time of the year, there are around 1,000 Germans living in the State, said Xavier.

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