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HJS to protest against Asaram’s Arrest

Stating that internationally known Asaram Bapu’s image is being tarnished by the media before the allegations on him are proved. Hindu Janjagruti Samiti (HJS) is to hold a state-wide agitation on September 6th at Panjim city.

Besides the arrest of Asaram, HJS plans to also raise the concerns on Sanatan Sanstha which they claim is unnecessarily being targeted with false accusations of murder of Dr. Narendra Dabholkar demanding ban on the Sanstha.

“The demonstration is to oppose the conspiracy of tarnishing the image of Hindu Dharma by defaming Saints and Hindutvawadi Organisations, Maharashtra government’s act of passing the ordinance which opposes Hindu traditions and defamation of Bhagvan Ganesha by Dr. Zakir Naik through his videos. All Hindus are invited to participate in this agitation in great numbers,” stated Dr Manoj Solanki, covenor, HJS-Goa.

In addition to that, Maharashtra Government has given a strong blow to Hindu Dharma by passing the ordinance on Black Magic bill sidelining the objections raised by various Hindu Organisations and Warkari Second, expressed Solanki.

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