Holistic Coach Nisha Bhalla Honoured with Prestigious ‘WEF 2018’ Award

Women Economic Forum is the largest global gathering of women entrepreneurs and leaders worldwide. This annual event recognizes the most successful women across all fields, with guests like Nobel laureate Ms. Ouided Bouchamaoui.



Nisha Bhalla speaks about the ‘The Economics of Goodness in Giving’


Nisha Bhalla, 46, a holistic coach and consultant from Mumbai was felicitated at the recently concluded Annual WEF 2018 Awards, where she also spoke about ‘Economics of Goodness in Giving and Philanthropy. The event was held at Vivanta by Taj, Dwarka in Delhi from the April 26 to May 1. Nisha was presented the ‘Excellent Woman of Excellence’ award for her spiritual service at the event on the 28th of April.


Speaking about the ‘Economics of Goodness in Giving and Philanthropy’, Nisha said, “When you give the little of the abundance you are blessed with for recognition, it makes your giving unwholesome. All you have now will one day be given anyway, so let the season of giving be yours. Make amends of abundance, abundance if you are so blessed with not only in wealth but in knowledge, wisdom and love. Don’t weigh a receiver’s worth when giving, don’t deem them undeserving or deserving, for in truth only life gives unto life. You must rather ask yourself if you are a worthy instrument of giving.” She further shed light on how India needs to change its perspective towards giving.


Nisha Bhalla conducts holistic courses at her institute ‘Sai Institute of Kosmic Sciences’ in Mumbai. She has received numerous national level awards in this field over the years and has appeared on popular channels like Zee TV and Star Plus, exhibiting her craft in shows. She had also received the All Maharashtra Maheshwari Trophy from the hands of legendary actors Dilip Kumar and Rishi Kapoor at the age of 12, for her work in aid of the NAB (National Association for the Blind), in 1984.

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