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Home Guards Made to do Menial Jobs

Home Guards who are considered to be an auxiliary force to the Goa Police are made to do menial jobs not only at the police stations but even at the residences of police officers and even other government servants, according to a report published in a local newspaper.
In the Vasco division of Goa Police, of the 72 Home Guards, two are working as dhobis at the police station since 2008 while at Margao out of the 130 Home Guards many are posted as dhobis and barbers besides being appointed as sweepers at the police station.

Besides, Home Guards are appointed as orderlies to police officers like the Police Inspector at Bicholim and at the residence of Deputy Superintendent of Police Mohan Naik. Some Home Guards are posted to work at the residence of Director General of Police, Inspector General of Police and Deputy Inspector General of Police as cooks, sweepers and even gardeners.
Interestingly, one Home Guard has been appointed to work for the government Public Prosecutor in the High Court.
Superintendent of Police Vaman Tari has been quoted saying that the Home Guards are appointed as per the jobs they choose including as sweepers.

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