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House Committee of Ruling Party Members

In what appears to be an undemocratic functioning of the ruling BJP-government and also smells of a tit-for-tat witch hunt against the former Home Minister Ravi Naik, the House Committee formed under the Chairmanship of Francisco (Mickky) Xavier Pacheco has not a single member from the Opposition.

The Committee has be given the mandate to also probe into the allegations of drug trafficking involving former Home Minister’s son Roy Naik. And consists of other MLAs Michael Lobo, Lavoo Mamledar, Caetano Silva and Vishnu Wagh. However, it does not consist of anyone from the Opposition.

When Dabolim MLA Mauvin Godinho questioned the Chief Minister Manohar Parrikar on this issue. The CM brushed the issue aside stating that inclusion of Opposition in the House Committee was not necessary. Even the Speaker Rajendra Arlekar, who appears to be constantly towing the line of the ruling government, instead of being unbiased, agreed with Parrikar saying that it was a House Committee and not a Political Committee.

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