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Houthis describe US ceasefire plan for Yemen as dangerous adventurism

Doha: The Shia Houthi rebels have described the US ceasefire plan for Yemen as dangerous adventurism that may deteriorate the situation in the Arab nation.

On Friday, US Special Envoy for Yemen Tim Lenderking said that his recent talks with Yemen and Gulf leaders had achieved a “sound plan” for a ceasefire in the war-torn country, but the proposal awaited approval of the rebel Houthi movement’s leaders.

“The proposal of the US special envoy is adventurism that may leave Yemen in a more dangerous situation than the current one. The US proposal has nothing new, only Saudi Arabia’s conditions for a ceasefire. If Washington’s proposals were acceptable, we would have agreed on them during the talks with Saudi Arabia,” a spokesman for the Houthis, Mohammed Abdessalam, told the Almasirah broadcaster on late Friday.

From his point of view, the US initiative includes neither ceasing fire nor lifting the siege from northern Yemen.
At the same, a Yemeni source told Al Jazeera broadcaster that the US initiative proposed the full-fledged cessation of hostilities.

“The plan of the US special envoy envisages the full-fledged cessation of hostilities by both parties: the Saudi-led Arab coalition puts an end to airstrikes, the Houthis stop launches of drones to strike the kingdom’s territory,” the source said.

The plan also seeks to reopen the international airport of Sanaa, which has been closed since 2015, allow fuel deliveries to Yemen via the port of Hudaydah, and resume the peace process.

Yemen has been engulfed in an armed conflict between the government forces led by President Abd Rabbuh Mansur Hadi and the Houthi rebels since 2014.

The Arab coalition led by Saudi Arabia launched an operation to support the internationally recognized government of Hadi in 2015. The Houthis continue to maintain control over the vast part of the north of the country, including the capital of Sanaa.

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