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How Cipriano Died brings you the chronology of events that led to the death of Cipriano Fernandes while in police custody.
7th January 6:00 pm: Cipriano collected Rs 45,000/- from his niece who was handling his money matters as he worked overseas and went to meet his girlfriend, a widow with a child.
7:30 pm: Cipriano arrives at his girlfriend’s house and asks her to come to his house. When she refuses because he was under the influence of alcohol, he gets offensive and whips up a knife to force her to accompany him. The girlfriend locks herself in a room and calls police.

8:30 pm: Police personnel from Panjim Police Station arrive at the girlfriend’s house at Caranzalem but by then Cipriano had left the place.
  The girlfriend is asked to file a complaint after which the whereabouts of Cipriano are found out. Police hire a private jeep and rush to Cipriano’s cousin Cosme’s house at Porvorim along with the girlfriend.
  After picking up Cipriano, he is beaten by the police in the jeep and the girlfriend hears him pleading to stop the torture. Suddenly he fell silent and his legs stretched out disturbing the driver of the vehicle whose demand to remove the feet were not heeded.
10:00 pm: The jeep reaches the Panjim police station, Cipriano is asked to step out, but he does not respond. Police lift him from the jeep and drag him inside into one room. The girlfriend saw one police personnel enter the room with a rubber belt and heard sounds of someone being beaten but the victim was silent. The girlfriend is asked to go home.
11:00 pm: Cipriano’s arrest is registered in police diary for non-cognizable offence of threatening.
8th January Morning: Cipriano’s cousin Cosme is not allowed to meet him when he comes to the police station and asked to leave the police station.
 11:55 am: Cipriano admitted to Goa Medical College.
 3:00 pm: Cipriano’s girlfriend is asked to meet a police constable at the Sub-Divisional Magistrate’s Office. When she goes there, the constable asks her to meet him at 6:00 pm.
 6:00 pm: The girlfriend along with Cosme barge into the Panjim police station and demand to know what has happened to Cipriano and are informed that he is admitted to Goa Medical College as he was vomiting and getting convulsions. They are also informed that he would be discharged shortly. The girlfriend is also assured that Cipriano will not trouble her as he has signed a personal bond to that effect. Cosme and the girlfriend leave the police station under the impression that Cipriano will return home shortly as he would be discharged from the hospital.
9th January 6:45 am: Cipriano declared dead at GMC
 8:00 am: The girlfriend is informed about Cipriano’s death.
 11:00 am: The girlfriend’s statement is recorded by the Sub Divisional Magistrare.

1. What happened to the Rs 45,000 that was with Cipriano when he left his house?
2. Was Cipriano unconscious in the jeep itself and dragged to the police station?
3. Why was Cipriano not admitted to the hospital soon after his arrest if he was sick?
4. Why did the police move for the bail of Cipriano?
5. Why were Cipriano’s family members not informed that he was admitted to the hospital as soon as that was done?

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