How educated are the members of the Goa Legislative Assembly?

In the first part we highlighted the educational qualifications of the Cabinet ministers of the Congress-led government in the state; in this part of the investigation GoaChronicle.com highlights the educational qualifications of all the members of the Goa Legislative Assembly.

The educational qualifications of 7 of the 12 ministers of the Congress-led government that is ruling the state of Goa since 2007 are Higher Secondary School Certificate and below (with an exception of Minister for Water Resources and  Forests doing his Diploma in Mechanical Engineering after passing SSC).  48 per cent or 5 out of the list of ministers have completed their degree education and some have even done their Masters and MBA namely the Home Minister Ravi Naik and Health & Agricultural Minister Vishwajeet Rane.

The pie chart above ‘Educational Qualifications of Members of Goa Legislative Assembly’ clearly indicates that half of the members of the State Legislative Assembly are graduates and above; while 50 per cent of them have barely crossed Higher Secondary School Certificate (HSSC), most seem to have only completed their Secondary School Certificate (SSC). 

Churchill Alemao, whose records in the affidavit filed show no educational qualifications, is in charge of one of the most prime portfolios in the state – Public Works Department & RDA. In much the same way Joaquim Alemao who is only a Class VII passed is the minister of yet another prime portfolio – Urban Development. Similarly, Jose Philip de Souza an SSC passed student holds Revenue portfolio, while VIII passed Atanasio ‘Babush’ Monserrate is in charge of Education.

Some educated members of the legislative assembly even Congress MLAs are relegated to other committee related tasks. While Dayanand Narvekar does have the educational qualification, he lost out of the race on account of the cricket scam. However, Shyam Saterdekar is a commerce graduate who is appointed as the Chairman of the Goa Tourism Development Corporation, while Nilkanth Halarnkar from the Nationalist Congress Party (NCP) who is HSSC passed is made the Tourism Minister.

A look into the Congress-Alliance Partners in the Goa Legislative assembly indicates that 58 per cent fall in the category of HSSC and below, while 48 per cent come under the graduate and above list. MGP that has an alliance with the Congress-led government have got two qualified and educated ministers — Ramakrishna Dhavalikar and Deepak Dhavalikar who have completed their Bachelors in Science and Bachelors in Commerce respectively. However when you look at the NCP ministers in the alliance the most qualified is Tourism Minister Nilkanth Halarnkar who has passed his HSSC and the least qualified is Benaulim MLA Micky Pacheco with only Class VII passed, while Jose Philip de Souza is SSC passed.
Out of the 20 Congress MLAs, 11 are below HSSC educated and 9 have completed their graduation and some have even done their post-graduate courses.

The Opposition party BJP has got 64 per cent of its members who have completed their degree courses and some have even completed their post-graduation. 36 per cent of the members fall in the category of HSSC and below educational qualifications. Leader of the Opposition Party Manohar Parrikar holds a B-Tech Degree from the Indian Institute of Technology. While MLAs like Laxmikant Parsekar and Dayanand Sopte have even completed their Masters in their fields of interest.

Many debate whether education is a perquisite to being a good political administrator; as GoaChronicle.com we would agree with the moot point that it is important for our leaders to be educated enough to understand the nuances of running state. For the last four months Goa has been held ransom to the dictates of the ministers and MLAs on account of the Medium of Instruction (MoI) and education policy. But if seven out of 12 ministers in the current Goa Cabinet have completed HSSC and below education, can we expect a good education policy from them? Can we even expect a better running of the government and the different ministries by these ministers?

Today for an ‘aam-aadmi’ to get a job in a good organization, being a graduate is a bare minimum that is expected from him/her. In much the same should there not be a yardstick applicable to politicians as well, after all they do have an important job of running the state and unqualified politicians will run the state to its loss.

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