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Synopsis – Elections are meant for citizens and not billion-dollar companies, or pop stars, celebrities to shove their choices to common people. The USA saw its nastiest days, thanks to the left lobby and the lies they spread all over just to capture their hegemony. Donald Trump showed us one thing in this election that if you are trying to do good for the country there are always those elements, strong enough and adequately rich to pull you down. So, let us uncover the biggest farce of the century in the way of an act of a larger play.


The 2020-21 Presidential election of the USA, one of the greatest countries by virtue of power, hegemony, and economy was an awful caricature in the face of democracy. It has been talked about and written about extensively and everyone has a story to tell about this folklore of an election. But the question is who won the democratic battle of votes, who overcame their opponent, and who was the loser?  So, let us uncover the biggest farce of the century in the way of an act of a larger play.


In the first part let’s see who all were the characters in the 2020 US elections, how was it different from previous US elections. Then we shall see the winners and the failures. Our final stop would be as our headline reflects, looking at the greater picture from the past 6 months and paraphrasing it for India.


There were technically on the front run two major people – Joe Biden and Donald Trump. Joe Biden has been in politics for the past 48 years, whereas Donald Trump had never been into active politics until 2016. Other than them, major political figures in the 2020 US elections were Kamala Harris, Mike Pence, Bernie Sanders, the Obama family (Michelle and Barack Obama), these were the heavyweights who could be seen every now and then making their cases for their choices. Apart from them, there were invisible powers that communicate to the voters through emotions, art, and even in schools and colleges. These are powerful media houses like FOX News, CNN, NBC to name a few. Powerful businesses like Amazon, Pfizer, and Wall Street. Social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and of course people in showbiz, literally everybody. So, the question arises is the US has been a powerful democracy and shown to the world that this form of government works. They have achieved a lot from science to finances and even in sports through bipartisan democratic exercises. So, how come this election was different? People and businesses have shown their leaning earlier too. The only difference that this election echoes is that the number of lies that one person had to amass just for being an outsider to political stances. The man in reference in the last sentence is Donald J Trump, the 45th President of the USA and he will be remembered as a disgrace by the books written by leftists but as a reformist president to all. What was that there was so much hate against him in the media everywhere you see? Having captured a lot of his works over the past 4 years, I can assure you he was the best president the US had ever had since Ronald Reagan. He may not have been the best person to have a media interaction with, but he was surely a great decision-maker. His actions, in the long run, would be as effective as any leader in recent times.


So, who were the winners and who were the losers? Well as anyone would tell you Joe Biden did win the election and Donald Trump lost, but there was one clear winner that came atop every political party in the election and has done the job asked from it, very profusely and that was CNN. It was the winner all the way till the news anchor on live television had tears in their eyes while calling the elections. They had given their every bit of blood and sweat in defeating the former president Donald Trump. From every sports interview to every movie promotion, they let every one of their viewers know that Trump was insane. Yes, they didn’t show any facts or figures over the period of Trump’s presidency that he has done something wrong for the country, their only jibe over any action of Trump was that this person is insane. This was all for a democratically elected president of their own country and this news house has more than 2.5 million* regular viewers.


Now, what does all this show us from India’s point of view? The amount of support CNN or Twitter for that matter gathered was scintillating, their reach to common people was humongous, for example – Taylor Swift, a popular singer tweeted, “…We will vote you out in November.” This tweet came as an aftermath of the Black Lives Matter protests and garnered more than 2 million likes and half a million retweets. Similarly imagine Amitabh Bachchan tweeting on similar lines in 2024, or maybe Salman Khan or Virat Kohli endorsing the left or any political party for that matter. These so-called celebrities or pop stars or sportsmen have a direct influence on people, from dresses to cologne people follow them blindly and their endorsing could influence people very effectively. Twitter showed that it could actually run an international relations platform, from starting a war or riots it has been the major cause of violence. The fire is large, it may seem bright and beautiful from far away, but it will catch your house too and it’s better to keep your own at a safe distance from the fire (likes of Taylor Swift, Twitter, and CNN).


Picture Credit – bbc.com

* – https://www.statista.com/statistics/373814/cable-news-network-viewership-usa/


Akash Ranjan

Intern, Goa Chronicle
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