How the power of community urban farming through ‘Aquaponics’ can restore health, wellness and bonding in local communities like never before.

More than any other resource on this planet the one that connects us more as a community is none other than the universal language of food!

We as a society can find many points on which to disagree and be in conflict right from politics to local sports teams we support and everything in between! But when it comes to the food that we grow and harvest, it connects to a visceral part of who we are. So that’s why it is the unifying language of all communities.

Ironically though, because of this constant war against GMO crops and pesticide ridden foods, we have been in conflict now more than ever with the very thing that once bound our communities together through the history of time. From the ancient Egyptians to the pagan rituals to the neo modern Roman Empire—they all involved gathering around and feasting over food!  But with the onslaught of processed foods taking over the modern food business, we have gone completely the opposite way! Now it’s microwave this and microwave that and ‘personal pizzas’!

So as celebrity guerilla gardener Ron Finley rightly put it, ‘Food is the problem and food is the solution!’  For example, it is very easy to dismiss this problem of food which is the single most cause of misery in the whole world with heart disease and cancer rates spirally out of control  and at the same time, we have the greatest ever opportunity to connect through this wonderful platform of food growing in community farms and foster fellowship and sharing.

For example, the  sustainable food growing system of ‘Aquaponics’ has taken the world by storm because of the least water usage required and the phenomenal rate at which you can grow food and raise fish all in a very confined urban space without soil!  Sounds almost too good to be true?  Well, this is no miracle because it is based on the simple concept of ‘bio-mimicry’. Which means that we just replicate what we find in nature where fish ‘poo’ is used as powerful plant fertilizer similar to how land grazing animals fertilize the land when their poo/manure gets recycled in the earth. It is nature’s intelligence at its best! 

So do take the time to do your homework and read up on this more if this piques your interest. Then think over what is really important to you in your life right now. Is it yo

ur health or the failing health of a loved one? Are you tired of the poor quality and forever rising prices of toxic pesticide ridden food?  Then take some action and go after what you want. Connect with like-minded people in your local community. You will be surprised how many other would want to join hands with you simply because they are in the same boat as you! And when you come together as a community (in your building societies for example), you’ll become an inspiration to others in the local communities and give them the permission to do the same! As the GEP mantra goes, “Let food be your foundation” because it is the wellspring from where all good things in life flow from.

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