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HP Vidhan Sabha ticket campaign Hamirpur style

Hamirpur (HP): Though elections to the state assembly are far away from today yet ticket seekers of various parties especially the BJP and Congress have launched their election campaigns with a new style.

These youngsters have taken up this drive when the old grassroots workers of the party who had donated everything for their respective organizations were also in the race for the party tickets.

A new breed of the young ticket seekers who are highly educated in different fields and have their near and dear one’s in the political field of the state have started the campaign by taking part in different types of activities in the district right from the Chhinj (wrestling competitions), cricket, football, Volleyball and Basketball matches in the capacity of the chief guests.

In this way, they address the crowd and also donate money running into several thousand rupees to the organizers and getting assurance from them that they will support their candidatures for the party tickets.

This has led to the mushrooming of the sports competitions in the district as a result the people of various parts of the district feel elated.

One of such candidates not to mention his/her name in the media told UNI that the question was not this that he/she would get the ticket but he/she would come in the eyes of their own parties and the people and after the next elections are over, some lucrative posts would be given to them.

The hosting of such sports competitions has also added to the sales of the traders dealing with the sports items and they want such competitions to continue so that their business should flourish.

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