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Huawei says imposing restrictions against it will not help US be more secure

BEIJING, May 16 (GCCurrentAffairs) Chinese telecommunications giant Huawei on Thursday, said that restrictions imposed on it by Washington would not help the United States gain security and become stronger.

On Wednesday, the US Department of Commerce said Huawei Technologies and its entities have been placed on the US trade blacklist for engaging in activities that go against the interest of US national security.

oreover, US President Donald Trump had issued an executive order declaring a national emergency over telecommunications technology and services linked to foreign adversaries, prohibiting US companies from engaging in transactions with companies from adversary countries.

“If the United States imposes restrictions on Huawei, this will not help it be more secure and it will not make the United States stronger. It will only force it to use alternative products of inferior quality at a higher price and lag behind other counties in building 5G networks,” the company said in a statement.

Huawei argued that the US authorities’ decision would affect the interests of US companies and consumers.
The telecom giant insisted that the restrictions imposed on it by the United States were a “bold infringement on the rights of Huawei.”

Despite that, the company expressed readiness to maintain a dialogue with the US authorities for ensuring the security standards of its products.

Huawei has recently faced global scrutiny, with a number of states alleging the company is linked to the Chinese government and has spied on its behalf.

Although both Huawei and the Chinese government have firmly refuted these claims, Australia, Japan, New Zealand and the United States banned in 2018 Huawei from participating in government contracts.

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