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Human Rights (Abusers) Commission

United Nations Human Rights Commission (UNHRC) is a permanent body of United Nations to look after worlds Human Rights problems and it’s solutions. Established in year 2006 by United Nations General Assembly, UNHRC replaced United Nations Commission on Human Rights (UNCHR). The United Nations General Assembly is the biggest organisation in the world with 193 countries as it’s member and is responsible to formulate anything important to maintain the world peace. To bring more transparency in the Human Rights Commission, UNHRC came into force so to not elect the countries with poor records of human rights by conducting direct voting through secret ballot.

However, the new body seems to be just like its predecessor and have been currently reflecting the similar image by electing controversial nation’s as it’s members. In the recent election to choose 4 new members on October 13, five nations which contested are namely China, Pakistan, Uzbekistan, Saudi Arabia and Nepal. Pakistan, an Islamic nation which doesn’t even recognize a sect Islam as Muslim and where atrocities against Minorities including Hindus, Sikhs and Christians are so common that India has to bring Citizenship Amendment Act in it’s country so to expedite the process of citizenship to the minorities of Pakistan. Situation is so worse in Pakistan that while ruling East Pakistan (now Bangladesh), they butchered the Bengalis and the same is being replicated in Baluchistan. Human Rights situation in this Islamic Nation could be very well understood by the fact that Pakistan is called the hub of terrorism and every terror act links directly or indirectly with Pakistan. It is such a country where the government not only openly accepts being hands-in-gloves with terrorist but also abuses all kind of human rights by illegally capturing parts of Indian state of Jammu and Kashmir. Despite of this nation being a serial abuser of human rights, Hinduphobic nation and a terror feeding state, Pakistan not only got selected as a member of UNHRC but received a record vote of 169 nation’s. Another nation which made it’s way in the UNHRC is People’s Republic of China (China). China’s name in UNHRC is similar to Adolf Hitler being awarded a Noble Peace. China has pushed millions of Uyghur Muslim’s in concentration camp, have taken away the rights of those protesting for the freedom in Hong Kong and have captured the territory of Tibet by force. It is the same country which is having border with 8 nations however is having boundary disputes with at least 12 nations. Such is the position of Human Rights in the nation that the nation is ruled by a single party and the media as well as social media is in complete control of the ruling party and government. Such a country like China which has spread the ongoing Pandemic of Covid-19 to the entire world is not only elected in UNHRC but has received the support of 139 nations. The other two nations selected are Nepal and Uzbekistan. Saudi Arabia, being one of the country with highest human rights abuse, though came fifth and lost the election still received votes of 90 nations. Human Rights Watch condemned the candidacy filed by China and Saudi Arabia, calling them “two of the world’s most abusive governments”. Saudi Arabia though wasn’t selected this time, however was a member earlier and rouse upto the post of the chairman of the UNHRC. At that time, United Nations Watch executive director Hillel Neuer compared Saudi Arabia to the terror organisation ISIS and said that it is scandalous that the UN chose a country that has beheaded more people in 2015 than ISIS to be head of a key human rights panel. He further linked Human Rights commission to Petroleum and Money and has further alleged politics in the election of seats in United Nations. Saudi Arabia’s role in human rights could be understood by the fact that it has executed the Sheikh Nimr, a prominent Shia cleric merely because he called for democracy in Saudi Arabia. Fascism is in such a peak in Saudi Arabia that it has been reported multiple times that it funds Wahhabism world wide, thus promoting Islamic terrorism.

Such is the impact of the selection process that countries like Russia and Cuba are currently the members of the UNHRC. What Russia did with Ukraine over Crimea is not hidden from anyone where Russia illegally occupied the city of Ukraine thus violating the international peace and security. It has been reported time and again that Russia doesn’t allow opposition parties to grow and often choose tactics to kill the opposition leaders. Yet the nation is elected in UNHRC without much problem. The situation in Cuba is so bad that arbitrary imprisonment and unfair trials are common in the country. However, the United Nations finds no wrong and has elected it to be member of Human Rights Commission. Funny part is that this organisation doesn’t have United States of America as its member since USA under Donald Trump pulled out of UNHRC citing the selection of regular and frequent abuser of Human Rights as its members. USA being one of the permanent member of Security Council as well as the one being the biggest fundraiser of United Nations isn’t part of Human Rights Commission is problematic in the long run.

However, United States of America isn’t completely wrong in it’s calculation. By going through the precedents, day isn’t far away when nations like Iraq, Iran and DPRK becomes part of UNHRC. Because if Pakistan, China and Cuba can become member of UNHRC, then why can’t Iraq, Iran and DPRK?

Author: Adv. Shashank Shekhar Jha
Legal Editor,

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