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Hurricane Sally leaves nearly half a million people t without power

Washington: Tropical Storm Sally has left more than half a million Americans without power as its torrential rains and storm surges lashed the US Gulf coast, a BBC report said on Thursday.

Winds slowed after Sally made landfall as a Category 2 hurricane on Wednesday, but the storm continued to batter the US states of Florida and Alabama as it moved at a glacial pace over the area.

Sally brought torrential rains which led to flooding causing major damages.

Pensacola, in Florida, was particularly badly hit, with a loose barge bringing down part of the Bay Bridge.

The storm has brought “four months of rain in four hours” to the city, Pensacola fire chief Ginny Cranor.

Sally made landfall at Gulf Shores, Alabama, at 04:45 local time on Wednesday, with maximum wind speeds of 105mph (169 km/h).

The latest speeds are put at about 60 mph, but it has been the torrents of rainfall and high storm surges that have caused most damage.

As the storm moved north from the coast, some 550,000 residents in affected areas were left in the dark on Wednesday night, according to local reports.

Sally is one of several storms in the Atlantic Ocean and officials are running out of letters to name the hurricanes as they near the end of their annual alphabetic list.

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