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I am for Dabolim, but not against Mopa: Sardinha

Making his stand clear on the controversial issue of the Dabolim and Mopa airports in Goa, South Goa Member of Parliament (MP) Francisco Sardinha stated that Dabolim Airport must continue to benefit the people of South Goa, but having said that I am not against Mopa as it would benefit the people in North Goa.

Furthering explaining the reasons to his stand, Sardinha elaborated that we need to look at Goa as a state but not ignore the broader aspects of the economic activities across the country as well. An airport in Mopa would benefit not only Goans in our state but also other Indians in the neighboring state. However, it is important to develop the related infrastructure such as the highways so that people in the South of Goa could also avail of the airport services in Mopa, if their requirements need them too.

When questioned on what if in the eventuality both the state and Centre decide to shut-down Dabolim Airport as and when Mopa commences, what would be his stand than, he strongly elucidated that if that ever happens, he would be the first to oppose such a step in the overall interest of the state. “Dabolim and Mopa can co-exist; we need to look into the changing market dynamics of the future. No private player would bid for the Mopa if it did not make economic sense.”


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