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“I am not happy about the suspension of the members”: Chairman M Venkaiah Naidu

Defending his move, Chairman M Venkaiah Naidu, rising to his feet, said, “I am not happy about the suspension of the members. The action has been taken on their conduct. We have nothing against any member”.
He said the suspended members “engaged in violent conduct in the name of democracy, tried to frighten the Chair and defied every norm and convention of the House”.
Speaking on the unruly scenes witnessed in the House during voting on the two controversial farm bills, Mr Naidu said “Members have the right to ask for division. Deputy Chairman Harivansh 13 times said, “please go to your seats, I will allow division”. Even then, the MPs did not.
“MPs were suspended, including one from the ruling party. This is not a healthy thing, I agree. There was commotion, which was not good. Go through the newspapers and see the MPs have justified their behaviour and they have confirmed their behaviour of going to the Well”, he told the Members.
He urged the Opposition leaders to “rethink, introspect and return to the House to take part in discussions”.

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