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I am not related to Vasco Head-Mistress: Avertano

The Independent MLA in the BJP-led government Avertano Furtado in his reactions to the allegation leveled by the Advocate Aires Rodrigues – lawyer representing the family of the seven-year old Vasco rape survivor – that police is pressurized to cover-up the case because of the family relation to the Goa Cabinet minister said in a telephonic conversation with stated that “I do not know the head-mistress or any other family members. And I am not related to that head-mistress’s family in anyway.”

Rodrigues had alleged that Avertano Furtado is the cousin of the husband Agnelo Furtado of the head-mistress Sharlet Furtado who has been accused for destruction of evidence. The Children’s Court had directed the Goa Police to charge the head-mistress, class teacher and head-clerk with destruction evidence under Section 201 of the Indian Penal Code and to further investigate the case. However, since the Court direction the Goa Police have not acted on the Order. This the family advocate states is because of the political pressure put on the Goa police.

Further reacting, Furtado stated that I don’t understand why am I being dragged into this issue, when I don’t even know the people concerned in the case.

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