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I am proud to be a Hindustani

I am a Hindustani and I am proud of being one.

If you assume that I am referring to it from a religious point of view, which is how we are conditioned to view things, then you are completely wrong.

I am a Hindu by my roots. My roots which are Vedic.

That I am a Christian is a matter of fate. That I continue to believe and follow the teachings of Jesus is a matter of faith.

Just as nobody can change my fate or faith, nobody change my roots because that too is a matter of fate and faith.

I am a son of Bharat Mata and my children are children of Bharat Mata.

Today the West is aping the beauty of our culture, sciences, values and most of all spirituality. We in India are running away from the magic behind what India has to offer because we think or propagate our hopes and fears on the basis of religion.

To me Hindutva or Being a Hindu should be an endeavour to instil in our children the knowledge, understanding and respect for what our values, our culture, our sciences and our spirituality stand for.

We must inspire our children through education and example so that there will be stir in their hearts and soul of a deep love for our Nation through the roots of our glorious past, exciting present and promising future.

Globally the world is being divided on religious lines. It is unfortunate to see that countries today are acting in manner that are worse than the nature of fiends. All this because of the need to enforce religious supremacy and doctrine.

Our history shows that we are survivors of violent oppression from invaders. With the invasion came their religious beliefs that were mixed with our cultural & spiritual beliefs. Their simple agenda was to use a one Hindustani against another Hindustani. To divide us on religious grounds.

This trend continues even today because we fail to see ourselves as Hindustani. We fail and deny to recognise the fact that our roots are embedded in spirituality & culture of Hinduism.

A Hindu is a Hindustani. A Christian is a Hindustani. A Muslim is a Hindustani. A Parsi is a Hindustani. We are all Hindustanis, Bharatwasi and Indians because we are connected to our Bharat Mata. This is our roots and this a fact we cannot deny or hide away from.

We have rise above all as a nation to stay firm in our belief in Secularism. Many misinterpret the word secularism for their selfish gains. Secularism actually means that religion has no role to play in governance.

To counter global religious domination that we will witness in the coming years, is by becoming a beacon of religious tolerance and acceptance to all religions without losing sight of our Vedic roots because that is what is truly our Hindu culture and those are the values we have learnt from ancestors

I love that my children are growing up in a time where they will be learning Yoga in school. Learning Ayurveda as we go along. Learning our different languages. The diversity is the beauty of our nation.

A Hindustani is different from any other nationality. Having travelled many cities across the world, I can proudly say that it is the Values & Culture of a Hindustani that keeps us grounded, humble and humane.

Let’s us pledge to honour those values and culture by seeing all Hindustanis not by a religious frames but by our eyes of truth that we are all children of Bharat Mata and we must never hesitate to shout out Bharat Mata Ki Jai.

Vande Mataram! Jai Hind!
Happy Independence Day

Savio Rodrigues

Savio Rodrigues Founder & Editor-in-Chief GoaChronicle.com

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