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Ready to debate with AAP Power Minister: Nilesh Cabral

By Sonakshi Datta

Panjim: Not known to being someone who would backdown from a debate, Goa’s power minister Nilesh Cabral has accepted the challenge of the Delhi’s power minister and is all set for the debate to show AAP its place in Goa.

Speaking to GoaChronicle, Cabral, said that date and time for the debate has been finalized for July 25th , 2021 at 3pm. The venue will be decided by Wednesday.

Cabral further asserted that they key questions he would as the AAP minister would revolved around the points on how the political party would manage to provide electricity for free, how would they generate money to provide free electricity and how would they arrange for the electricity.

“Goa is not like Delhi, we have a lot of holiday homes other than houses of residents. Who will be the beneficiaries of AAP’s free electricity scheme,” inquired Cabral. 

Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal had announced that if AAP comes to power in Goa, the first 300 units of power by domestic users would be free. He also announced that 24X7 power supply would be ensured to the state on the lines of Delhi.

Reacting to the statement, Cabral had ridiculed Delhi Chief Minister saying people of the coastal state were already getting better and cheaper electricity. On July 16, he challenged Kejriwal to debate over the merits and the demerits of the two models. 

Following this AAP National Spokesperson, Raghav Chadha challenged Nilesh Cabral to a debate. Cabral opined he would debate only with the power minister of Delhi and not a spokesperson. 

Delhi’s power minster Satyendra Jain decided to debate with his Goa counterpart Cabral. He put out a tweet, saying, “Nilesh Bab, I heard u have said that you would like to debate with power minister of Delhi on AAP’s free and 24×7 electricity announcement. I accept your challenge. I will be in Goa this Sunday. I hope Sunday 3 pm is ok with you for the debate. See you there.”

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