I am targeted for fighting for justice for the nun who accused Bishop Franco Mulakkal of rape: Sister Lucy


The Vatican has rejected the appeal of Sister Lucy Kalapurakkal against her expulsion from Franciscan Clarist Congregation (FCC).

Savio Rodrigues, Founder & Editor-in-Chief speaks to Sister Lucy in telephonic conversation who expresses her disappointment, trauma and hope…


GoaChronicle: What is your reaction to the Vatican stand on your appeal against the expulsion from the FCC?

Sister Lucy: I am very sad at the stand taken by the Vatican. I have dedicated my life to my vocation as a Nun. I expected that at least the Vatican representatives would have listened to my side of the story.


GC: Did the Vatican representatives not meet with you to understand your side of the story and allegations levelled by the Mother Superior of FCC on you?

SL: No Vatican representative met with me to understand my side of the story. They have completely relied on the information provided by the Mother Superior of the congregation. I had appealed to the Vatican hoping that they would at least listen what I had to say on the expulsion order and the reason why I am being targeted. That is the procedure of the Canon Law that at least my version of the story be heard.


GC: Do you feel that you are being targeted for fighting for justice for the nun who has accused Bishop Franco Mulakkal of rape?

SL: Yes I do feel that I am targeted for standing up and fighting for justice for the nun who has accused Bishop Franco Mulakkal of rape. I am doing my duty in standing for what is right and just in supporting the nun who has gone through this horrific ordeal.


GC: Would you appeal to the Vatican again, because there is second-appeal option permitted by Vatican?

SL: I do have the option to appeal again to the Vatican but I do not want to; I will now be approaching the courts to seek justice for expulsion from the FCC.


GC: Do you feel that as a community Christians must come out and stand up against such atrocities to the nuns?

SL: We Christian by nature respect our Church leaders and find it difficult to stand up against them. We normally prefer to remain silent, even though we might not agree with some acts of the Church leaders. But we must stand up for the truth. As a member of the clergy and religious congregation, I have not done anything wrong. I stood for a fellow nun to fight for justice. More Christians must stand up and fight for justice, when there is a wrong doing.


GC: Your fight is a long fight against powerful Church leaders? How long will you fight?

SL: I have nowhere to go. I have devoted my entire life to the congregation, where I joined at the age of 17. I am old now. So I have no option but to fight to get a favourable order. All I want is justice because I know I am being targeted for standing up for the nun who has accused Bishop Franco Mulakkal of rape.


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