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I am the Corona Virus

I thought I would take time-out to tell humans about myself.

Let me introduce myself – I am the dreaded Corona Virus – clinically termed – Covid-19.

I was created in a lab in China and released in Wuhan, China.

Through the initial carriers, I spread across the globe. All I had to do was infect a few and they would carry it across the world.

My job is simple – I enter into the human body and do what I am created to do. Kill it. I am being true to my nature.

It is a war we are in and I am a weapon of war.

I have no enmity against humans, I am created by humans to be used against humans. You see, I would not have existed in this potent and dangerous form if it was not for the greed and evil designs of humans.

I will spread from one human to another human. Some will bear symptoms of my infection but many will be silent carriers of my infection.

Many scientists will try to understand my nature but it will take time.

In order to know me, they would need to go to the genesis of my origin in this current form. And that will always remain a secret because to reveal my origin would be to accept that I was created in a lab by some humans wanting to create a bio-weapon. That will take a long time. During that time I would have accomplished what I was created to do.

There is no vaccine that humans can inject themselves with to stay away from me, they can delay and reduce the infection but not my presence in the human body once I set in.

There is some truth in the fact that I do not like hot and humid places and prefer cold places to grow and spread but I will learn to adapt to the climatic conditions and go ahead on my mission.

You can isolate yourself from each other and hope to break the chain of my spread but that will take a huge sacrifice of the people to learn to practice social distancing and that will be extremely difficult to adhere too because humans are social animals.

I don’t see people by their religion, caste or the country that they come from; I infect the rich and the poor, the Indian and the American, the common man and the celebrity, the doctor and the patient. I see a human and I infect.

I am here to stay, until you find a vaccine against me or until you decide to self-quarantine yourself, I will continue to spread.

You humans may hate me, curse me but the truth is that I am a creation of your own greed and malice.

Don’t blame me, blame yourself.

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