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I am with Uncle Arnab!

It has greatly pained me to witness the horrific, inhumane, and unfair treatment meted out to Uncle Arnab by the Maharashtra police.

Uncle Arnab is not a terrorist. He is a nationalist and a journalist who has put India first always.

I have not yet fully understood on what grounds did they arrest him but I know Uncle Arnab is a man of integrity, a man who would not do anything wrong to anyone.

Yesterday it was not Uncle Arnab who was assaulted, bruised, or dragged but the basic principles of our Constitution that were trampled upon – our freedom to express with responsibility

My father told me he will spend another night in judicial custody today. That is sad.

As a family, we are certain this is not the end to his ordeal and that of the Republic TV team, but I know just like the Independence struggle I studied about, for freedom against foreign powers trampling our rights, this also is a fight for truth and our fundamental rights.

Uncle Arnab is a good man. I had the opportunity of meeting him once in Mumbai with my father. I had a wonderful and informative conversation with him. He was so full of energy and enthusiasm. And I was so touched by the fondness he had for my father and the beauty of their friendship.

I make it a point to watch Uncle Arnab’s debates. I enjoy the debates when there is no chaos because I enjoy the way he presents his point of view and also the topics of discussion.

I believe I have a fair understanding of India and several global issues because of my constant viewing of Republic TV news and debates, while also viewing other TV news channels. I also enjoy reading online news to keep myself informed.

But let me state quite candidly that sometimes I do not watch Uncle Arnab’s debates also, especially when some panelists including my father end up screaming over each other because then I cannot hear anyone’s point of view and it is pointless to comprehend the truth of discussion in that noise. I have tried to correct my father on this bit and he seems to have taken my advice.

The one thing that endears me to Uncle Arnab is that he a patriot and a man who speaks his views with responsibility.

When I saw the images on the Republic TV of the arrest and assault on Uncle Arnab, Aunty Samya, and their son, I was very disappointed and shocked. My father has always been talking to me about the beauty of our democracy and our fundamental rights.

The action of the police has left me shaken because if a patriot like Uncle Arnab is going to be treated with such disdain even after years of hard work, sacrifice, and commitment he and the Republic team has put forth for our nation, then as a common citizen, we really do not have a voice to raise against the vindictive nature of any government in our democratic country.

I know that even my father has been facing heat from Pakistan-based drugs and terror groups for taking a principled stand on issues in the interest of our nation.

I know Arnab and my father are like brothers with immense love for Mother India. It is this love for Mother India that connects them and them with many more nationalists across India.

Like I told my father this evening. I know Uncle Arnab is a good man. No power can touch him because he stands with the truth. I do not know allegations put against Uncle Arnab but I understand that Uncle Arnab is a man of integrity and the truth will prevail.

Uncle Arnab, India is with you!

Author: Kianna Rodrigues

(I am an informed teenager with a view on India and the world that I would like share)

Savio Rodrigues

Savio Rodrigues Founder & Editor-in-Chief
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