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‘I apologise for difficulties, but defying lockdown is playing with your own life’, says PM in Mann ki Baat

New Delhi, Mar 29 (GCCurrentAffairs) As India enters fifth day of nation-wide lockdown, Prime Minister Narendra Modi Modi on Sunday, on his monthly radio address Mann Ki Baat, emphasised the importance of social distancing to fight against spread of Coronavirus, saying, “those who are defying lockdown are playing with their own lives”.
“Our citizens must be wondering what kind of Prime Minister I am. But lockdown is the only solution in front of us. Many people are still defying lockdown. This is sad. Many people across the world did the same mistake,” he said and added, those who are defying lockdown are playing with their own lives.
The Prime Minister began his radio address with an apology to the people of country for imposing 21-day lockdown, saying, “I want to apologise for taking these kinds of steps which have caused difficulties in your lives, especially the poor people. I know some of you would be angry with me also. But I had no choice but to make these decisions to fight the coronavirus. This is a fight between life and death and we need to win this battle”.
The Prime Minister was talking about the spread of deadly virus at a time when the country witnessed the rise of Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) positive cases, which reached at 979 with 61 new cases.
“Coronavirus has spread all over the world. It has affected all like old, young, weak and strong. Humanity needs to come together and fight against this crisis,” Mr Modi said.
He further said that he was extremely hurt when he came to know that some people are misbehaving with those who are being advised home quarantine.
“We need to be sensitive and understanding. Increase social distancing but reduce emotional distancing”, he said and added, “the lockdown has been put in place to protect you and your family. You have to be courageous and draw the ‘lakshman rekha’”.
“Health is wealth and when people break the rules, they are putting their health at risk. There are many medical professionals who are fighting the virus”, the Prime Minister said and thanked the ‘foot soldiers’ fighting against Coronavirus from the frontlines.
“There are many soldiers who are fighting Coronavirus, not from their homes but from outside their homes. These are our frontline soldiers, especially our brothers and sisters on duty as nurses, doctors and paramedical staff”, he added.
The Prime Minister also said he had interacted with the people who are fighting the battle against Coronavirus and said, “I have learned a lot from them”

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