I have a doubt that my husband is having an affair…

I have a doubt that my husband is having an affair. He’s started staying late at work and has become more secretive than normal. I don’t know what to do next. I have no evidence to prove this, but he does not even let me touch his cell phone. Should I confront him or follow him secretly?

I do not how many years you have been married or how old you two are at present.  Was he more open and shared his life events with you without hindrance earlier?    is this a sudden change? Was there any life changing event prior to this behaviour? Change in status, loss of a loved one, a fight or disagreement on major issues, a situation at work place? Anything that could have triggered a behavioural change? I presume that your doubt regarding an affair is because of loss of intimacy or sex with you. Could it be that he has too much responsibly at work? Confrontation will cause issues, I suggest you have a conversation regarding your doubts and fears.  Do you socialize with his work colleagues? May be you should have an office get together and call his friends over for tea or dinner? I suggest that you focus on yourself at present and find something constructive to do as well. Meanwhile you two can go for a routine medical check-up    to rule out blood pressure, blood sugar, menopausal symptoms, depression or any other medical/ psychological  issues.


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