I need advice. I have this kid who’s 23 years old and has been out …

I need advice. I have this kid who’s 23 years old and has been out in the streets because I kicked him out. The thing is, he’s back home again and he thinks he’s the man of the house. He doesn’t wash his dish after he eats and is disrespectful towards his mom in some ways. I see things I don’t like but it seems my hands are tied. I wish I could just get up and go, go far away. Maybe it would relieve my headaches and my temper. It’s hard being a good father.

A – It appears that  headaches and anger issues are the main factor.  Your son could also have the same problem as you. This could be part of your personality or maybe you have some emotional difficulties that need to be worked out. You have not mentioned how old your son was when you kicked him out and under what circumstances was this done? It is clear that your son  is an adult and need not be financially looked after by you,  however,  it would be advisable   to find out what the issues are  and seek help for the same.  Family counselling is highly recommended and I would urge you not to give up,  as you may be needing help as much as your son does. I have seen that on several occasions therapy works wonders to sort out problems. Treatment can bring in the much needed peace and help in nurturing bonds  with in a family.

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