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I Need Time to Find Solutions: Sushila Naik

You are returning to the Margao Municipal Council after a gap of 10 years. What are the changes that you find?
Well things have worsened specially the garbage problem. I do not know how and why it has happened, but Margao surely looks dirty now with garbage found all over the place including the roadside. I have, since my election as Chairperson, gone around the city and seen for myself the pathetic condition.

So what do you propose to do about it?
In the first place, I need time to find out why things have gone so bad and then I have to work out the solutions. I shall take my councillors into confidence and surely we shall work out a solution. Personally, making Margao clean is a mission as it is for this very purpose that my supporters forced me to contest the elections.

Most of the councillors complain that the main problem is that garbage is not being collected regularly and that results in the bins getting overfilled.
I really do not know what is the problem whether there is shortage of staff or vehicles to collect the garbage. But, yes there is accumulation of garbage and that needs to be tackled. All that I am asking for is time.

How much time are you giving yourself to address this problem?
I really cannot give a time frame. However, given the fact that the Chief Minister is very supportive, I am confident that a solution will be found very soon. Do not worry, when we work out a solution, you shall be informed.

You have mentioned that you want to shake up the municipal administration to make it more people friendly. Could you elaborate?
I just met some women who have been visiting for the last one week just to collect an income certificate. Now this is not done. Why should people keep coming here all the time? I feel such certificates should be issued within 48 hours at the most and that is what I propose to do. Make the council friendly to the people so that they do not have to waste their time here.

Talking about administration, Margao Municipal Council’s tax arrears are huge. Have you any plan to recover this?
I am aware of the tax arrears and I personally feel that collection of taxes should be given a priority as the revenue will give us the funds to carry out so many works. I have no instant solution or plan right now, but this is on my agenda.

Traffic congestion is another problem of the town? Do you have any plans to ease this?
The authorities have put in a place a new system since last week and I think that is working well. We shall see how that works and then make the necessary modifications. But yes, traffic congestion in the town is a cause of concern for me.

What about parking, will you pursue your predecessor’s plans to have multi-storeyed parking buildings in the town?
As I have mentioned earlier, I do not know what the earlier council had decided to embarked upon. I have just taken charge as chairperson, I need some time to come to grasp with the situation and then come out with solution. However, let me assure you that I am here to deliver the goods to the people and my top most priority is to give Margao a clean and neat look which I am sure I shall be able to do with the co-operation of all people and the blessings of the Chief Minister Digambar Kamat.

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