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I never met the Archbishop Of Goa: BJP National Secretary & Goa Observer

Speaking exclusive to this morning via a telephonic conversation, BJP National Secretary and Goa Observer, stated, that her statements in the local media has wrongly construed and that she had never met the Archbishop of Goa Filipe Neri Ferrao as a pre-poll election campaign.

Confusion was caused by a misrepresentation of her recent statements, which construed that, she had a meeting with the Archbishop of Goa prior to the 2012 Goa Elections as part of the BJP pre-poll election campaign’. Following which the spokesperson for the Goa Church Fr Francisco Calderia has in a statement issued that “no such meeting had taken place between the BJP National Secretary Arti Mehra and Archbishop, as claimed by her.”

Mehra told, “That BJP is a national party and wanted to replicate the success of Goa in other states as well. We want to tell the people of India that we are party for all communities, as seen in Goa. And we did interact with some leaders of the Church but I did not meet the Archbishop of Goa.”

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