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I never said Matanhy supported Mopa: CM

Terming his statement, ‘Matanhy supported Mopa’ a misquote by most of the media locally and some national papers, Chief Minister Manohar Parrikar now states that Late Matanhy Saldanha agreed with me that the Navy will not move out of Dabolim, therefore we need to have Mopa while Dabolim will continue.

The statement made by Chief Minister of Matanhy Saldanha’s support to Mopa was received with some criticism by supporters of the later tourism minister, in particular Fr Eremito Rebello – a close friend of Saldanha – who wrote in the local newspaper that he was disappointed to read about the statements of the Chied Minister.

“I will not let Dabolim Airport close down that has been my promise to my friend Matanhy Saldanha, ” expressed Parrikar.

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