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I will not budge against illegal encroachments: Pratima

Not being intimidated nor threatened by former Congress minister Manohar (Babu) Azgaonkar and the illegal encroachers; nor perturbed by the certain lack of support from local Congress leaders, Margao Municipal Council, vice-chairperson, Pratima Coutinho stated that she will not change her stance on the illegal encroachments issue and neither will she will clear the files that Azgaonkar wants cleared due to which all these rants and tirades are occurring.

“I believe that as a Congress Youth leader, I need to stand up against certain illegality just as I have been taught too. So if some Congress leaders feel that they need to support Azgaonkar, then that is their choice. I cannot change my stance because a section of our leaders want to support  him.”

Surprisingly, MMC chairperson, Arthur D’Silva in his statements to the media, opined that both waring parties have solved their issues. However, it is strange that he makes such a statement, since Pratima categorically states that she has not met Azgaonkar nor will she settle this issue on any terms, other than clearing the illegal encroachers. The chairperson comments is questionable and raises doubts as to whether he wants appease the former Congress leaders on the issue. An informed source in MMC who is also a Council Member says that D’Silva is of the opinion that Azgaonkar illegal files should be cleared, but Coutinho is not relenting.

Getting into the act of supposedly taking the concern of the local vendors forward, Camillo Baretto, a social and political figure and former councilor has now gotten into the act of questioning Coutinho’s action on illegal encroachments saying it is affecting the Goan vendors.

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