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I will prove all allegations against the police officers and Coutinho criminal nexus: RTI Activist

Refusing to give an interview or answer any questions of on the allegations made on the police officers and Floyd Coutinho, RTI Activist Jowet D’Souza only stated that whatever allegations he has made are of serious-criminal nature and with the Home Department probe which is to commence shortly will vindicate his stance on the case.

When questioned on Floyd Coutinho’s cases being dismissed, he stated that the nexus between the police officers and Floyd Coutinho (whom alleges is a criminal with links to anti-national and anti-social elements) is deep. And the police officers have not investigated the issue thoroughly and created loopholes for the accused Coutinho to got scot-free. You cannot blame the court if the state police force has not done its job.

“I will prove the nexus to the competent authorities at the right time, which will bring out the nexus, but right now I do not want to expose the details I have by giving any interviews,” he expressed. continued to question the RTI Activist, on the alleged involvement on the police-officers and their investment into Floyd Coutinho business, though he claimed the amount runs into crores and also named some officers, he did not divulge any more details, but, reiterated that he would present these documents to the competent investigating authorities.

When asked as to why he refuses to give a detailed interview, even though he is presenting documents of his allegations to media houses; his reply was that, “I want media to go by the facts of the documents.” But when questioned on some of the documents like the JMFC Court Order dismissing Coutinho cases, he alleges that some of the police-officers have created the loopholes. will continue to investigate into the allegations of the police-Coutinho car racket nexus, because prima facie there appears to be some questions being raised by the RTI Activist.


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