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I will smile more often: PM Modi

Appearing to be in a relaxed mood on Sunday after an hectic week, Prime Minister Narendra Modi assured his admirers and followers on Twitter that he would smile “more often” and maintained that the blessings of 125 crore Indians give him “great strength”.

Responding to a Twitter missive from one Mumbai-based Shilpi Agarwal: “Only one thing Modiji, you should smile more often. Baaki sab mast hai” – Prime Minister responded saying – “Point taken” and put in a smiley in the post.

In response to another tweet, which applauds him for being “tireless even at 60-70” – Modi wrote: “The blessings of 125 crore Indians give me great strength. All my time is for the nation”.

Another message from Shobha Shetty with the hashtag “#IndiaTrustsModi” – congratulating him for his speech in Lok Sabha on Friday and for calling him “karma yogi” – Modi wrote back: “Thank you for the kind words”.

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