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Id, Chaturthi to be Celebrated Together in Goa

With the Shahi Imam of Delhi’s Fatehpuri Masjid announcing that the moon of Shawwal was not sighted on Thursday night, the over two lakh muslims in Goa will join their counterparts from Northern India to celebrate Id-ul-Fitr on Saturday 11th September, the same day when Hindus celebrate Ganesh chaturthi all over the country.
Id-ul-Fitr which is celebrated after a month long of prayers and penance with muslims observing day long fasts during the period, is one of the most important festival for them.
For the Hindus too, and particularly in Goa, Ganesh Chaturthi is an important festival where the entire clan gathers at their ancestral house to worship Lord Ganesha whose idol is installed in the house with not only religious fervor but also pomp and grandeur.

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