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IDC Strangulating Industrial Growth: Industrialists


Goan industrialists have accused the Goa Industrial Development Corporation of strangulating industrial growth in the state which is totally contrary to the purpose for which this agency was constituted.
The land allotment policy of the IDC has come in for severe criticism with some industrialists even alleging that IDC officials are deliberately not allotting plots and holding on to them for speculative enhancement of price.

Goa Chamber of Commerce and Industry’s former president Nitin Kuncolienkar opined that the IDC is sitting with at least 100 application for plots at various industrial estates, while the IDC officials are not doing anything to take back plots allotted to industries that have not started any work on setting up their proposed unit in the 13 industrial estates in the State.
He said that large tracts of land are lying unutilized even at Verna Industrial Estate, one of the much sought after location for entrepreneurs planning to set up shop in Goa.
He cited the case of the land allotted to Special Economic Zones. While conceding that the land allotted to those promoters who have moved the courts may not be retrievable, there are others that can be taken back and given to those who are waiting for plots, he said.
GCCI President Manguirish Pai Raikar while stating that the IDC is in a mess, said his organization and colleagues are willing to help the agency get on the right track.
Industries Secretary T M Balakrishnan however clarified that the government has set up a task force to identify the unutilized plots at the various industrial estates and added that once the report, which is expected shortly, is submitted, necessary corrective measures will be taken.
Another issues raised by industrialists is the lack of support from the government in providing incentives to them due to which many units are moving out of Goa.
Former GCCI president Ramnath Kare a renowned industrialist in Goa revealed that his new Rs. 35 crore joint venture with an Australian company is being set up in Baroda, Gujarat. Earlier, he had shifted one of his pharma units from Goa to Himachal Pradesh.


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