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IDMA condemns the attack on Arnab Goswami

Indian Digital Media Association released a statement strongly condemning the attack on Editor-in-Chief of Republic Media Network Arnab Goswami on Wednesday.

“IDMA strongly condemns the shocking state of high handedness by the Maharashtra Government that seems to be using its state machinery to silence a journalist and a channel that has on occasion criticized the government.

This incident is not just limited to the stifling of the freedom of press but it is an infringement of person freedom and liberty granted to every citizen of the country. When the people who are meant to protect citizens become the very people that citizens need protection from, the collective might of the democracy needs to enforce itself to demand fairness.

The police are well within its right to constitute action against any party that thinks has erred, however, process of the law has to be followed. This incident only appears to be a zenith in the witch hunt that has launched by the government against Republic TV over the past few weeks.” Stated the Indian Digital Media Association’s press release.

IDMA further demanded that Arnab Goswami be released immediately and that the state government has to offer an explanation to the people of India, as to why a citizen’s rights are being stifled in the manner that it is.

“We, as a group representing digital news orgs are especially dismayed that if such high-handedness can be displayed towards a legacy media, smaller digital outfits could simply be crushed by the might of the state to ensure that dissenting voices are muzzles. However, such attempts will be opposed and fought by IDMA, for the sake of the right of the media, its right to be free and fair, and for the citizen’s civil liberties.”

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