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If BJP govt had listened to Rahul Gandhi’s voice, Covid situation would have been different today: Digambar Kamat

Margao: Leader of Opposition Digambar Kamat on Wednesday said that if Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) government had listened to Congress leader Rahul Gandhi, Covid situation in the state would have been different.

In a statement, he said,”Our leader Rahul Gandhi had warned the government on February 12, 2020, almost 41 days before India was shut down. He had categorically stated that Corona Virus is an extremely serious threat to our people and our economy. He had demanded timely action and gone on record saying that the government is not taking the threat seriously Digambar Kamat claimed. BJP Government ignored his concern and went on into Festive Mode organising “Taali Bajav, Thali Bajav, Diya Jalav” events pushing the people into Covid Pandemic.”

”Congress Leader Rahul Gandhi repeatedly gave various suggestions to the Government on handling Covid Pandemic. His latest demand to the Prime Minister to give approvals to other Covid Vaccines was ridiculed by Union Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad. Fortunately, better sense prevailed and Modi Government listened to Rahul Gandhi’s voice and gave approval to Russian vaccine Sputnik V for emergency use in India,” Mr Kamat said.
He said the BJP Government must come out of the ‘celebration mode’ and accept seven demands made by Rahul Gandhi in his letter to the Prime Minister Narendra Modi on April 9, 2021.

”Congress leader has placed the demands of financial support to vaccine manufacturers to ramp up production, halting the export of Covid-19 vaccines, fast-tracking approval for other vaccine candidates, Universal vaccination, doubling of central allocation for vaccine procurement, larger role for states in procuring and distributing vaccines, income support for vulnerable sections of the society affected by the coronavirus pandemic.

If BJP Government acts wisely and work on demands put across by Rahul Gandhi, the situation in the Country will definitely change for good,” Mr Kamat said.

”I once again appeal to the State Government to show sensitivity towards people, stop organising Utsavs to grab political mileage and work on effective Covid Vaccination programme taking all into confidence and work on revival of economy before its too late,” he said.

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