If I had a superpower!

My son had an elocutions competition in the school. Out of the few given topics he chose “If I had a Super Power”. Kids always get fascinated with this kind of thought, they watch superhero movies and live in that fantasy world. Although the reality of life is so much different than movies. Super hero’s fight for unnatural problems which we haven’t faced yet and don’t know if we will have to face them in the future.

Looking at the year 2020 pandemic I feel anything is possible and we should accept the fact that life is very unpredictable. So let kids believe in the supernatural powers and live in an imaginary world. What we believe is what we get, Superpower comes from within. If you have the determination to do something then you can surely do it. But of course, certain factors may affect the outcome of the result.

We always protect kids so much that they don’t understand what is going on in the outside world. But I was amazed when I read the essay written by my son. The thought process of my child made me feel proud that he understands the reality of life and shows acceptance towards it.  He is a student of 5th class and just 10years old but he has a sense of responsibility towards the community.


                                                         What is Superpower!

 It is an exceptional or extraordinary power or ability to do something that others may not be able to do. 

When I was a child the first movie that caught my attention about supernatural power was IRON MAN. It was so much fascinating that I started believing that there is another universe and people who belong there have superpowers. They can change the world. These people are born to save people, earth, and nature. There are many fictional stories and movies I watched because they used to inspire me to become a good human being. Superheroes come with kindness and compassion for other humans, use their extraordinary abilities to bring happiness to others’ life. 

During this pandemic period, I was seriously started thinking, what I would have done if I had superpowers? After giving a lot of thought I felt that today what we need the most is our loved ones. With my superpowers, I would try and get people together. Many people are stuck in other cities, states, and countries due to the pandemics. I will fly them back with my superpowers (like an Iron Man) to their loved ones. Staying close to your people gives you strength and moral support. While being together you can fight against any crises and overcome them. 

 But what if I am not a superhero and don’t have a superpower, still I can use my ordinary skills to make extraordinary things. Even if I can’t reach the corners of the world but I can reach out to my neighbor in a needy situation. I can accompany elderly people in our society and help them until their children reach them. I can help them buying vegetables and groceries. Educate them with the latest technologies so that they can use them to get things, connect with people online, talk to their family over videos, etc. 

 Our Prime minister, Mr. Narendra Modi Ji is also an ordinary man but he used his extraordinary talent to fight against this pandemic situation. Today due to his intellect we are well equipped with hospital facilities and vaccines in our own country for around 130cr of populations. We have also supplied vaccines to many other nations.

 We all have a superpower only we have to recognize it and use it when required. 


Class 5, Loyola High School


Like my son, even I was thinking what I will do if I had a superpower. The first thing that came to my mind is to erase all the sad memories from my life.

Firstly, I would like to do Clt-Alt-Del Covid-19 pandemic from our life.

Many times I feel what if I get a chance to give board exams again. I often get a nightmare that I didn’t study for the Maths exam and missed it, which I didn’t. Don’t know why, but that thought is so shattering that I don’t want to imagine it in my dreams. It’s nothing less than a thriller sequence of a movieJ.

While in 40’s we feel like going back to the ’20s. When in 60’s we want to be in the ’40s. The worries which we did at an early age of life don’t mean anything later. Once that age is crossed, the urge of going back to that life increases. Like me, I know you people are also missing those days of life when you are like a free bird, with less liability, and almost no responsibilities. We all want to enjoy those moments which we missed doing that time.

Many times we do things in the best possible way but still, in the back of our mind, we get the feeling of missing out on something and wish to do it again in the best possible way if given a second chance.

Do you think we should get a second chance? 

While we are talking about superpowers, we only think of changing the past. If we could change the past as per our wish then certainly it will give immense mental relief. But what we have already lived that life, struggled each day fixing up problems we faced, given many sacrifices, on changing the past will it make any difference in our present life?

If the past is changed then our present-day might not be the same, but in that case we may have to face some other challenges in life.

If I have to change the current situation with my superpower, then there are many silly issues I can think of, such as;

– Daily females in the family face a big problem,” what to cook for a meal?”

– Internet is down, how to access apps, work is stuck.

– It’s raining & electricity is gone.

– Milk delivery didn’t happen on time.

– Maid didn’t turn up, have to do all the daily chores.

– No signal on the phone.

– No water in the tap.

– Traffic jam is a major concern today.

– Tremendous pressure of studies on kids and on their parents too.

I can list down as many day-to-day life issues here and it will differ from person to person. Although such problems look very small but create a lot of irritation because our routine gets disturbed. If we think about the above issues, does it require a superpower? NO!

These are man made problems, if the person who is responsible for the activity does his/her job well in time then there will be no issues around. When things go wrong for which you aren’t responsible then the level of frustration goes to its peak.

Covid-19 is the best example, with the superpower, we may want to erase these two years from our life. But what if something else comes up. We can’t keep running from problems. But because of the pandemic, we realized the importance of life. In every century mankind has faced extreme life challenges. By overcoming it we have improved and made progress.

Superpower comes within. With our superpowers;

– Let us make humans more kind, compassionate, caring towards mankind and nature.

– Be more strong and determined to face life challenges.

– Fight against your negativity and not against religious issues.

– Spread more love and empathy.

– Let kids gain knowledge from studies and not the pressure.

– Be more tolerant, hopeful, responsible, and positive towards life.

– Learn to accept the facts and to move on.

– Have the faith in yourself and trust in others.

– Believe in the power of truth.

– Human life is important, Live it happily.

 The Superpower is your own best version!

Article By : Radhika Kashikar

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