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If not Congress, NCP will do just fine

Not that the move would surprise anyone in Goa, since this was the plan worked out by the political lobbies in Congress in Goa and NCP at the Centre, Yuri Alemao has joined the Nationalist Congress Party (NCP) and is expected to contest on the NCP ticket from Sanguem.

Yuri Alemao is not going to be the first of the ‘political family’ candidate to join the NCP – which now become a pit stop for the Congress family members who could not be accommodated on a Congress ticket.

Many in the political circles are amazed at the Congress stance considering they are helping build the NCP in Goa rather than strengthening the Congress fold, which is seeing a lot of dissent due to the family raj politics. In fact loyal NCP workers have been left feeling stranded in this family raj politics as they have not been considered for the party tickets.

Strangely, NCP – Goa president two months in ago in a conversation with goachronicle. com had categorically stated that he would not make NCP a pit stop for other party members and preference would be given to loyal NCP workers. Now, however, the situation appears to be different and NCP-Goa appears to be controlled on account of the family raj.

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