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If not hands then feet: Divyang employee uses feet to ‘type’ at Raj Bhawan Haryana

Chandigarh: During the inspection of Raj Bhavan Office, Haryana Governor Bandaru Dattatreya today saw a Divyang employee Sunil Kumar ,doing typing work with his feet in the Secretariat .

The governor could not resist himself and spoke to Sunil Kumar and got to know about his life.

While appreciating Sunil Kumar, the Governor encouraged him describing him as a struggling, hardworking and efficient employee.

He said along with the government every section of the society will have to come forward to help such differently abled and needy persons so that they can also join the mainstream of the society and play their important role in nation building.

He said it would be his endeavour that the various welfare schemes of the state government are extended to every deprived and differently-abled person so that they also benefit, from programs of organizations like Haryana Red Cross Society, State Child Welfare Council, Speech and Hearing Nishkat Jan Welfare Society.

The story of Sunil Kumar’s life struggle is no less than a Bollywood flick. However, Sunil Kumar actions speaks louder then words. He told that he has no information about his parents.

He told that at the tender age of three-four years , both his hands were burnt due to an electric shot.According to the doctors of PGI, Chandigarh, Sunil’s parents got him admitted to the hospital in a burnt condition. His chances of survival were negligible. His parents abandoned him but due to the tireless efforts of the PGI doctors, Sunil Kumar’s life was saved though both his hands were lost till the shoulder. He had to be admitted to PGI Chandigarh till his arm wounds healed.

After this a new chapter of Sunil’s life began. On the recommendation of PGI, Chandigarh,

Saket Sanstha adopted him. He stayed in the hostel of the institution. Sunil Kumar’s schooling

also took place in Saket High School. During school education itself, the talent of an artist was

stirring in him, so he started painting with his feet along with his colleagues.


After a long struggle Sunil Kumar made a mark as a foot artist. He participated in many national competitions in the field of painting and got a place as the best “Foot Artist”. Sunil Kumar achieved many milestones in the field of painting and got prizes. In 2007, he was awarded the “Best Creative Child” award by then President Pratibha Patil. This moment was one of the most exciting moments in Sunil’s life. After this, he got encouraged and started efforts for permanent employment.

During this, Sunil Kumar also started a struggle to get permanent employment and learned

the work of typing from his toes. With good practice, Sunil’s toes type and fingers on the computer keyboard started moving as if the toes were made for type and computer work only. After learning typing, he got a job in Saket through outsourcing. This institution is functioning under the Governor. When the officers of Raj Bhavan came to know about this talent of Sunil, he was posted in the Secretary in Raj Bhavan office.

Presently, Sunil Kumar is doing the work of Hindi and English typing very well along with computer operating, and typists with good speed are also surprised by his work. Sunil Kumar is liked by everyone because of his work efficiency and good behaviour. He was blessed and honoured by the former Governor Satyadeo Narain Arya at the state level Republic Day function organized at Raj Bhavan.

Secretary to the Governor, Atul Dwivedi always keeps on encouraging Sunil Kumar. He also asked all the officers of the staff to give full cooperation to Sunil Kumar.

The story of Sunil’s struggle is inspiring to the youth. He said if a person wants to

move forward with struggle and determination, he can overcome every biggest obstacle. Sunil

Kumar is an example who has achieved important position in the field of art and employment by overcoming great difficulties and circumstances and has inspired the younger generation to struggle.

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