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Ilayaraja allowed a day’s meditation in Prasad music studio

On the Madras High Court’s last working day, it recorded a settlement between Ilayaraja and the proprietors of Prasad Studios that would allow the music maestro a day to meditate in the music room where he composed his songs for the past 35 years as a condition to withdraw cases filed over the denial of his access to the studio in 2019.

Justice N Sathish Kumar recorded the following before disposing of the suit between Ilayaraja and Prasad studios i.e.

  • Ilayaraja will be allowed to enter the room where he composed his music for the last 35 years so that he can meditate for one day.
  • The defendants (studio proprietors) shall make an endeavor to see that nobody is present inside the room. The room originally used by Ilayaraja now stood converted into an IT room, the Court was apprised. When Ilayaraja is allowed inside the room, nobody will be permitted inside the room.
  • When Ilayaraja is meditating inside the room, simultaneously the material belonging to him, kept in a separate room at the same premises, shall be removed by engaging Packers and Movers and the same shall be engaged by the defendants.
  • Before moving the materials, the Commissioner appointed by this Court shall take inventory of the materials kept in the separate room.
  • At the time of Ilayaraja’s entry to the premises, only three members would be permitted to accompany him – i.e., one personal assistant and two music assistants, besides the Commissioner.
  • Both the Ilayaraja and the defendants shall not engage in any altercations against each other. In the event they want to pass on any message to the other side, it has to be done only through the Advocate Commissioner appointed by the Court. There shall not be any exchange of arguments personally between the plaintiff and the defendant questioning any rights.
  • Ilayaraja has told the Court that he would withdraw all pending suits before the lower courts against the studio. The parties have agreed to bury their differences and give a quietus to the entire dispute existing between them.
  • The date of entry into the premises shall be decided by the counsel appearing for the plaintiff and the defendants in consultation with the Advocate Commissioner appointed by the Court.
  • Advocate V Lakshmi Narayanan was appointed as the Advocate Commissioner, to be assisted by Advocate Naveen Kumar Moorthy to oversee the matter.
  • Ilayaraja can enter the premises between 9 am and 4 pm. The Advocate Commissioner is to ensure that this time schedule is adhered to. The time may be extended, but not beyond 5 pm for taking inventory.
  • The Chennai Police Commissioner is to provide security and prevent crowds from causing any law-and-order problem when Ilayaraja undertakes the visit to Prasad studios.

It is understood that Ilayaraja is likely to visit the studio on Monday to undertake his meditation.

The matter had reached the Court after Ilayaraja was denied access to the Prasad studio citing renovation work in 2019. It is reported that the maestro’s offer to lease the premises was also rejected by the studio.

Senior Advocate PS Raman along with advocate KV Sajeev Kumar, represented Ilayaraja. Senior Advocates Arvind Pandian and TV Ramanujam and advocates Abdul Saleem and S Elambharathi appeared for the defendants before the Madras High Court.

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