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Importance of Travelling

Man is a social animal and his needs cannot be fulfilled if his steps are confined to the four walls of a room. A person needs to explore to get the answers to his questions which are a catalyst to his curiosities. He needs to travel around and know about his surroundings. Amidst several of local issues people face, one of them is, people lack the knowledge about the place where they live, and cultures related to that. Travel is not just travel but a lot more than that.

When it comes to travelling, a lot of pictures start to form in our mind. The famous Red Fort at Delhi, the Taj Mahal of Agra and the beaches of Goa etc. First and the most common idea of travelling could be getting to know about the environment around you. Yes, the nature, the trees, the open sky, all these could be so refreshing. Travelling could also mean site watching for some people. The beaches, the mountains, the waterfalls all teach us something and soothes our soul simultaneously. Travelling could be knowledgeable. Even Gautama Buddha left his house in search of enlightenment. When we talk about the famous temples and monuments, we get to know about the various forms, styles and textures that were used to build them. The different structures and scripted texts give us a view of the ancient India. We come to know about the ancient lifestyle and their importance. From large gardens to giant bridges, we conclude how mighty have been the glory of Indian civilisation and culture. These all knowledge could be gained through travelling. Every journey is itself a teacher and learning the new way to satisfy one’s inquisitiveness could be attained through travelling.

Most of the people mistake “travelling” as “driving”. Travelling is not driving or going for a drive. It could be a wonderful plethora of steps taken by a curious mind to explore something new. Be it travelling through the mountains or travelling to a nearby park. Both give us a peace of mind. Travelling is like a web series whose episodes are felt by us, similar to that of a protagonist. We never know what we might face or what we might learn from a particular journey. Travelling also plays a good role for our health. If we talk about self-development, travelling is must. It helps to boost our confidence level, and our ability to face new situation. For example, travelling to a new state or place could help our mind-set to grow more. We learn new languages, we know how to adapt in case we visit some new place, and we also know about the lifestyle of people over there. We always have new questions in our mind and travelling is something which helps to accomplish our goals.

Travelling is awesome as we talk regarding its perspective. Shifting our focus towards a more practical life, we look upon travelling as an essential part of our life. From travelling because of work and trekking on high mountains, we must ensure that we are well prepared for any kind of problem that might come. As we know that “Necessity is the mother of invention”, so we need to understand how to utilize those inventions in a proper way, serving to the needs from our domain. It is not meaningful to travel or select a journey which does not make us contented or because of which we may regret in future. There had been several cases of tourist deaths because they go for exploring at places beyond their comfort zone. Taking a selfie on the topmost part of a mountain or scuba diving without proper equipment does not make you brave enough. We need to understand the difference between expressing our feeling and showing off just to impress others or gathering traffic to social media. Else we say “Curiosity killed the cat”!

Travelling needs to be done under proper guidance and only if the precautions are well ensured. Travelling should be encouraged in various areas. Schools should understand the importance of educational tours. A visit to ancient monuments or an adventurous trip are equally good, depending on how we approach towards the initiation. India had always been in the good books of tourist spot. Viewing upon the inconspicuous side, we as the citizens of India, need to understand the importance of its ancient glory and the major concept of what travelling means and why the local people should know about what is going around in their country, what is the place famous for where they reside etc. Travelling could not only help people explore but also help in passing the knowledge from generation to generation, highlighting its importance. After all journey is always more beautiful than the destination.

Supriya Rani

Intern, Goa Chronicle
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