Importance of Value Education in schools of West Bengal

Values are the most important part and parcel of a human’s life. Values unconsciously leads to a lot of learning Academics and co-curricular activities lead to a lot of knowledge. But no knowledge is better than the knowledge and practice of values. Values, thus constitutes a very important part in our lives.

Except institutions which are catholic, value education does not tend to have a separate presence in the curriculum. A survey was carried out to find the awareness of teachers regarding the values present in their respective textbooks. It was found along with their opinion regarding introduction of values as a separate subject and appropriate strategy for imparting values.

It has always been accepted and placed in high regards that the ancient system of education was much more alluring, pleasing and most importantly receptive. A practice very much appreciated by the noble prize winner – RABINDRANATH TAGORE. He believed that education was not confined within the four walls of the room and books. Believing which he brought forward Shanti Niketan, one of the greatest universities of all time.  The assembly of students in a cluster, among the bounties of nature, can teach more than what piles of book can.

Schools in West Bengal are run by the School of Department of Education. The setup of schools and higher education institutions had led to a rise in the literacy rate of the state from 68.64% in 2001 to 77.08% in 2011. The male literacy rate of the state is 81.69%. However, the female literacy rate is 70.59% which is much lesser than the literate male population. If we compare the literacy rates of the districts of West Bengal, then we will see that Purba Mednipur, Kolkata, North 24 Paraganas, Howrah, Hoogly are amongst the top five most literate districts of the state.

However, if we check roughly then, maybe we will find out that majority of them do not add value education as a subject. In some cases, it is also not given the dignity of being called as a “Subject”. Somewhere, the Indian Education System finds subjects such as Value Education to be of no use. But it is not such. Values too are an integral part of every life. Values stand first before any educational certificate.

Therefore, the importance of Value Education and its introduction in schools should be highly acknowledged. The School of Education which formulates the terms and policies to be followed by every institution run by the state board should definitely make a conscious effort of adding Value Education in the course of each and every aspiring students, thus, leading  to the promotion of a generation of not only  qualified people holding various dignitaries,  but also empathetic individuals.




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Priyanka Thakur,





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