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In the Name of the Father!

Though the statement ‘In the Name of The Father’ has religious connotations; in Goa where religion to most politicians is just an eye wash, it is not surprising that children from political families are making in-roads into politics using the name, power and money of their fathers to either intimidate or cajole gullible workers to show them the same admiration

 and support as shown to their fathers. And no family in the last year other than the Alemaos has flexed this muscle of money, power and blackmailing to the maximum.
Leading the race in this not new phenomenon is Valanka Alemao who has already made her intentions known that she would be throwing in her hat in for the forthcoming Goa assembly elections to be held next year. Churchill Alemao has been working overtime to ensure that his daughter gets a Congress ticket though that is unlikely if senior representatives in the Congress High command opinions are to be considered, since it not a party policy to ensure that a particular family gets more than two tickets. Valanka Alemao’s dream to contest under the Congress banner can only become a reality if she contests on another party ticket or as an independent. But if she still insists to want to contest on a Congress ticket than either Churchill or Joaquim would have to relinquish their position in the Goa Congress Legislative Party and that too is something that is very unlikely to happen.
Now however, Churchill Alemao has found a new route to pressurize the Congress party into giving his daughter her ticket, or at least his political advisors would like him to believe; therefore he has decided to nominate Valanka for the upcoming Goa Pradesh Youth Pradesh – President Election. Sources in the Churchill camp reveal that the father has been throwing his entire monetary and intimidation tactical support for his daughter to win this post, in the hope that she would get a party ticket on account of being Youth Congress President. However, what surprises me is the audacity or stupidity whichever way you might want to see it of Churchill Alemao in believing that the Congress party will change their policy just to accommodate his tantrums, when in actuality every senior person that GoaChronicle.com has spoken to at the Centre believe that it is time to put the blackmailing tactics of Churchill Alemao to rest and should not be taken seriously because while it seems that some MLAs support him; if given a choice in situation of loyalty to the Congress party or Churchill Alemao, many will stick with the Congress party and not join Churchill in his tantrums and shenanigans because many do not trust the integrity and loyalty of Churchill as many have experienced in the past. Some have decided to give him some shoulder support in order to be in his good books on issues that they believed would have been eventually resolved, but when it would come down to actually walking out as a result of a revolt of Churchill against Congress, not many would.
Churchill Alemao many believe is nothing but a loud mouth. And a clear indication of this was exposed in the last Assembly Election when under Save Goa Front; Churchill had formed an alliance with BJP for considerable sum, but was able to deliver only two winners from seventeen candidates; more so for an even more considerable sum he joined the Congress party by supposedly merging SGF with Congress. This merger stunt has now earned Churchill a disqualification petition and many in the Congress both in Goa and Delhi are pressing for his disqualification. Whether this becomes a reality many are praying.
Valanka’s move to contest for the Youth Congress President post is come as a shocker to many deserving candidates and members of the Goa Pradesh Youth Congress; many have told GoaChronicle.com that both father and daughter have been frantically trying to garner support from many members and even trying to intimidate other nominees to withdraw their nominations. However, many do not want to see Valanka even contest the election, since; they feel she has not earned her right to contest the election, since she become a member of Goa Pradesh Youth Congress only a month ago. This move has also left many potential candidates fuming because they feel that in comparison to the election chest that Valanka possess on account of her father’s accumulated wealth through corruption in the PWD department (which we will expose shortly with video footage) it will be difficult for them to compete. Some members have even decided to make a representation to Rahul Gandhi, president, Indian Youth Congress asking for a fair-play in the Goa Pradesh Youth Congress election towards those who have toiled for the party for many years and have a clean track record.
If Valanka contest and manages to win; one thing is certain that it will trigger off the downfall of the Congress party in Goa since it will lose the support of the masses which is the youth of Goa and also the people at large who are growing tired of this ‘Family Dictatorship’ in Goa. And if then she fails to get a Congress ticket to contest the forthcoming Goa Assembly election, she will most surely resign from the post of President of Goa Pradesh Youth Congress and the entire Congress Youth movement in Goa will be in disarray since she will either then contest as another party candidate or as an independent.
In my personal opinion it is time for the Alemaos and their political ambitions to be put to rest; since their intent seems to be clear and precise that they want to control most functioning of the government of Goa; in the hope that through their corrupt practices they can amass more wealth to buy another Rs 42 crore Bungalow in Juhu or takeout a Rs 24 crore Max New York Life Insurance policy as some of Churchill closest supporters have revealed. But it is up to the People of Goa to put a stop to the Alemao train which is surely started burning.

– Savio Rodrigues
  Founder & Editor
  Goa Chronicle.com

  [email protected]

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