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Increased Fees has been another challenge during Pandemic: Engineering Students, Goa

While Goa made to the rank for the highest number of covid-19 cases per day, Engineering colleges have decided to take the advantage of this hour of the crisis. India is going digital in every field and Education is no exception.

It’s seen that the Engineering colleges have increased their fees when it is not possible for the students to pay off. Also, they seem to have added additional charges for the resources but ironically students have been attending classes online and make no use of resources provided by the colleges.

Additionally, It’s been told to students to pay the fees in instalments but there’s no chance of cutting down the fees. Colleges seem to have making good business with such sadistic schemes. It is unfair on part of students to pay the fees and use their own resources for the same. Recently, students have asked AICTE to look into the matter. As a result, AICTE passed a notice to colleges asking them to charge for resources only which are accessible. But Engineering colleges seem to be democratic on their business.

A student of an Engineering College told, when he told the college that he is unable to pay such a huge amount, he was told to leave the college.

It is unfortunate to have seen students in such a helpless state as well as being treated inhuman that too during Pandemic.

Engineering students told, “During Pandemic, it is not possible for them to pay such a huge amount at once. The instalment scheme was just verbal. Business Industry is down and majority has lost their jobs. How do we pay? Additionally, colleges are conducting online classes but we are charged for the resources too even though we use our own resources. Some colleges keep the salaries of the teaching and non-teaching staff on hold for 6 months or so. It is understandable that the colleges have to pay the teachers, but the fee includes development fees too. The colleges should at least halve the fees or should charge like the last year, increasing the fees has just been another challenge to the parents.”

When spoke to the parents of Engineering students, they opined, “The colleges should consider giving a concession to the students. This is not the time to make profit. Some of us have lost our jobs, we hardly have enough to run the house without salaries. During Pandemic it is difficult as well as disappointing to see Education being sold at such a huge amount. The Government must not abide this and take some legal action against Private colleges. Also, these colleges have disrespected the AICTE’s notice.”

Education has been a business since a long time but using the pandemic to make it more profitable has left Goa to question its Education System. Education is a source of knowledge and exposure but unfortunately, it has been a source of Business lately.

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