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India 11th most dangerous country for Christians to live: Open Door USA World Watch List 2018

Open Door USA in its World Watch List 2018 report has ranked India as the 11th most dangerous nation for Christians to live in even worse than Saudi Arabia.

The report tracks Christian persecution across the globe and ranks the top 50 countries in order of the persecution indexes on Christians.

In its report Open Door USA states, “While the source of persecution for Christians in India depends on their location within the country, most of it comes from Hindu radical groups. Because Hindu radicals view Christians as outsiders, they experience increased persecution. These radicals are intent on cleansing the nation of both Islam and Christianity, employing violence to this end. The government continues to look away when religious minorities are attacked, indicating violence may only increase.”

It further stated, that persecution of Christians is rising in India. More than ever before, the growth of radical Hinduism in the nation is fueling violent attacks, with even greater impunity for attackers as the government sides with radical groups. Yet in the midst of it all, Christianity is growing exponentially in this nation of 1.3 billion.

The report in its Prayer Points expressed, “Pray for Christian converts from Hinduism who are forcefully pressured to return to their national religion.”

Pakistan occupies the rank of the 5th Most Dangerous Country for Christians.

Here is snap shot of the report:

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