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India and Indian Muslims are on different pages, again

A teacher in France was beheaded recently. A Muslim fanatic did this to him. Why? Because the teacher showed a caricature of Prophet Muhammad to his students in the class of freedom of expression. But why beheading? Because as per numerous scholars, Islam forbid any image, cartoon or picture of either Allah or his Prophet. But then same Islam considers Jesus as one of the prophet, but the scholars have no problem with his image, picture or caricature probably because of the fact that followers of Jesus Christ are having a separate religion in the name of Christianity which is more popular in the world. Europe including France have been a great supporter of freedom of speech and expression after Second World War when they stopped their territorial expansion and focused more on the Conditions of their countries through the looted resources of countries from Asia and Africa.

After over seven decades, Europe has become a centre force of the world to show the light of secularism. The only problem with them is that for the first time, they are facing the fundamentalists of Islam which they’ve conveniently ignored and rather encouraged in various parts of the world including India where England let Islamic fundamentals grow to such a level that it led to bloodshed and partition of India on communal ground over seven decades ago. This partition has led to such a bloody past that Indian subcontinent will probably never be able to rise from it. Partition of India witnessed the biggest mass migration in the world in 1947-48 when millions of Hindus and Sikhs were forced to migrate from Pakistan to India. On the other hand, Muslims of India mostly stayed back and sought equal status to that of Hindus and others and often criticized India since then. When the issue of loyalty was raised after independence and partition, first Home Minister and Deputy Prime Minister of India, Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel openly said that, “Most of the Muslims who have stayed back in Hindustan, helped in creating Pakistan. Now I don’t understand what has changed in one night that they are asking us not to doubt their loyalty”.

Thing’s doesn’t seem to have changed even after seven decades. Biggest mass migration took place after 1947-48 is when refugees from middle East including Syria and Lebanon migrated to Europe due to the fear of terror organisation ISIS. Europeans accepted the migrants wholeheartedly which now turns out to be fundamentalists against whom France has taken a stand. In this fight against fundamentalists and terrorism, various countries supported France. Any sane country would have done the same, since no civilized society could support fundamentalists, mob justice or terrorism. As expected, nations like Pakistan and Turkey which have been the face of orthodox Islam and moderate Islam respectively has equally condemned the French Government while calling for the boycott of the French products. However, more shocking yet obvious is the fact that Indian Muslims have unanimously took a position to condemn France instead of the Islamic fundamentalist who beheaded the teacher in the name of Jihad.

Whenever India decides something, Muslims of India choose the opposite. When the French Government cleared it’s stand that it is not going to compromise and will fight the fundamentalists in their country, India openly supported France.

Like various other times, even this time India and Indian Muslims have taken two different roots where India is with France while the Muslims are not. To oppose the France, a crowd of 2000 was called. Muslim majority Bhopal to criticize the France, while the photo of French President Emmanuel Macron has been put on road in Muslim majority Bhindi Bazar of Mumbai so to humiliate France. This is happening at a time when India’s biggest defence against the aggressor nations on border including Pakistan and China are the Raffle which has been bought by India from France.

May sense prevail in the people who are putting their faith before their country, yet again.

Author: Adv. Shashank Shekhar Jha
Legal Editor,


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